Versatile Application possibilities of Enamel

  • In kitchen and bathroom
    There is merely no kitchen or bathroom which is not equipped with enamelled products. People with nickel allergies are best advised to use enamel-coated cookware. Enamelled bathtubs, showers and sinks are extremly durable. The glass-smooth, scratch-resistant enamel surface is tough, doesn’t attract dust and is easy to clean.
  • Enamel for construction sites
    In the field of construction, there is hardly any area where email is not present. From the exterior facade to the interior walls, in restaurants and entrance halls, in subways, museums or office buildings.
  • Enamel signs
    Enamel signs are not only clearly visible and legible, but also make a valuable contribution to safety due to their weather resistance and stability in the event of fire.
  • Technical applications
    Because enamel coatings are so durable, enameled containers or exhaust pipes last significantly longer. A benefit that particularly comes into play in the chemical industry and chemical transportation.
  • And much more
    Aesthetics, durability, variety of colors, and environmental friendliness of enameled surfaces captivate everywhere. So, enamel becomes a part of modern home decor and serves as material for various artists.
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